Instagram Versus Foursquare in Searches: Instagram Wins

I was recently looking for Foursquare usage data and having found it almost impossible to find some good figures I thought I’d run a quick Google Trend report comparing it to Instagram to see how it stacked up. I know this is hardly scientific, but I was just interested to see if anyone actually used Foursquare. Essentially I don’t believe it’s used on a mass scale, especially outside of the US, after seeing such low check-in numbers like 183 total people checking-in to McDonalds Oxford Street and 218 total check-ins, a restaurant that probably processes around 183 people a minute.

I recently read that Instagram was on track to overtake Foursquare as the biggest mobile social network so I thought I’d compare Foursquare to Instagram. This is what the Google Trend report looked like for Instaram versus Foursquare:

Two interesting things I took out of this were the fact that Instagram looks like it has already overtaken Foursquare in search volume, yet Foursquare is still referenced in the news slightly more.

I then wondered how this would look with Facebook added:

As you can see Facebook eclipses both Instagram and Foursquare (as expected).


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