QR Code Example – Kellogg’s Cereal Krave Krusader App

Just what we all wanted… another QR code! One day I’ll have the time to update this blog with something other than QR code examples but for now let’s look at this nice example from Kellogg’s to promote their iPhone app Krave Krusader (also available on Facebook and Android).

As you can see the iPhone app is nicely featured both on the front of the pack and the back. The QR code even features a Krave character to give it a bit of character. Scanning the code links through to http://krusader.krave.com/qr, ideally the URL would be shortened to provide a clearer QR code but it’s hardly a big deal with a URL that short anyway. The QR code leads directly to the App Store / Marketplace download. I have only scanned with an iPhone but the accompanying text on the box seems to suggest that there is a re-direct in place that detects the device’s header (learn about device detection here) and would direct an Android to the Marketplace. Someone feel free to test Android and let me know via twitter – @joelblackmore.

Another cool use of QR here is that you are rewarded for repeatedly scanning the QR code through the in-app scanner for in-game rewards, prompting an increase in consumption.

Another thing I’d love to know is why you must be 18 to use this app! Any answers please comment or tweet.


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