Skyrim on the Cover of ShortList / Skyrim Game Jam

One day I’ll post something that doesn’t include completely bog-standard QR codes but I was reminded I had this QR code example from 2011 when I watched this awesome Skyrim Game Jam video.

The QR code was on the inside cover of free men’s lifestyle magazine Shortlist and linked directly to the Bethesda YouTube page where the live action trailer was hosted. I’ve never made my mind up whether it’s better to directly link to the video from a QR scan or to direct users to a YouTube page. Linking directly to a video removes an additional click, whilst directing to a YouTube page allows for some context for the video. Choose whatever feels best for your campaign.

The ad does well to place the QR code in a prominent position to maximise scans and, for being a fairly dull implemetation of QR, at least is a cheap, low-risk option for a mobile optimised destination.

Scanning looked like so:



Uncharted 3 had a much nicer mobile destination in an almost identical campaign.

Skyrim is the finest computer game I’ve ever played and Bethesda have cemented themselves in my mind as the best development studio in the world. I adore the fact that they had this game jam as I know from personal experience that there are often great ideas in games studios held by people who don’t have the power to get them into the build. This mod free-for-all shows what amazing work can be done in a single week. It’s like Google’s 20% time on crack.


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