Why Google’s Nexus 4 Photo Sphere will transform Google street view

Like every other phone nerd I am pawing over the new Nexus 4 from Google. Not only does it come in staggeringly cheap at £279 for the 16GB version from the Play Store, it’s packed full of great hardware and software features, thanks to Android 4.2. The feature that has caught my eye the most has been the new Photo Sphere function.

Google’s Photo Sphere

Although the Photo Sphere is essentially the same sort of thing as Microsoft’s Photosynth, and not largely disimilar to Apple’s own panorama feature in iOS 6, Photo Sphere immediately reminded me of the type of view available in street view. This led me to then wonder if Google would look at a way to integrate these ‘spheres’ into street view. Of course, Google are two steps ahead and already have a Google maps street view contribution page where you can upload your own, or view all of the community uploaded Spheres.

An example of a Photo Sphere

So with the Nexus 4’s Photo Sphere function, GPS, and automatic image uploading, it is surely a matter of time before we get good market saturation of Spheres and a great alternate view of street view. Excellent stuff Google, yet again. It is this sort of innovation that strongly entices me back to the Android world…

How to upload a Photo Sphere to Google Maps. via Cnet. 


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