Skyrim on the Cover of ShortList / Skyrim Game Jam

One day I’ll post something that doesn’t include completely bog-standard QR codes but I was reminded I had this QR code example from 2011 when I watched this awesome Skyrim Game Jam video.

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QR Code Example – Kellogg’s Cereal Krave Krusader App

Just what we all wanted… another QR code! One day I’ll have the time to update this blog with something other than QR code examples but for now let’s look at this nice example from Kellogg’s to promote their iPhone app Krave Krusader (also available on Facebook and Android).

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QR Code Example – Lloyds TSB Mobile Banking

This example of responsive advertising by Lloyds TSB shows a good implementation of a QR code in print media. The QR code does a great job of extending the content of the magazine insert onto the mobile web. The QR scans through to the Lloyds TSB mobile banking site, which is ok but slightly odd as Lloyds TSB have mobile applications for iOS, Android, Ovi, and BlackBerry. Lloyds could have linked the QR code through to a blank interstitial page which would detect the device’s user agent before correctly redirecting the user to the correct app download. Still, all in all this is a good use of a QR code.

The exact link behind the QR code:


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QR Code Example – Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception on the Cover of ShortList

QR Code Example – Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception on the Cover of ShortList

Here’s a very good example of using QR codes effectively in a campaign. This example from Sony, publishers of PS3 exclusive Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, shows a very nice example of responsive advertising through the implementation of a QR code onto print media. As you can see, the QR code is prominent on the back cover of the free magazine with a clear CTA “Scan the code. Join the adventure”. The QR code then links off to a very nice mobile micro site, actually served in a banner. The ability to purchase the game through Amazon is a very nice touch.

I believe the microsite / banner was delivered by 4th screen and served and tracked using mpression.

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