What iOS 7 Means For iPhone Owners, Developers, and Brands?

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog post for the Somo blog on iOS 7 and what it actually means to users, devs, and brands with apps. The full article is copied below. 

One of my favourite things about working at Somo is the fact that I am constantly surrounded by 140+ mobile specialists, all passionate about any new mobile release. We talk, compare, and argue about every tiny mobile related announcement. Yesterday, was of course Apple’s WWDC developers conference where we knew that Apple would announce some pretty major changes to their mobile operating system. As we all know now, the major announcement was iOS 7 – a brand new, designed-from-the-ground-up operating system that brings hundreds of changes to the look and feel of the iPhone.


While the conference was taking place we were all engaged in a pretty lively all-Somo email conversation. Below are some of the key points taken from that thread, highlighting some of the big changes iOS 7 will bring to the Apple developer community, all iPhone users, and any client or brand with an iPhone app.

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Great UI and IXD from iPhone app ‘Languages’

I love a bit of good mobile UI I do.

Just saw this cool example of a small tweak to the UI / IXD made in the iPhone app Languages. Great job @jerols.

Check out the video, specifically from 40 seconds on, where you see a beautifully simple and well executed idea of indenting the A-Z navigation as you scroll down, so your thumb is never in the way. There’s also a really nice example of a folding side-nav in the video too… as a bonus.

QR Code Example – Kellogg’s Cereal Krave Krusader App

Just what we all wanted… another QR code! One day I’ll have the time to update this blog with something other than QR code examples but for now let’s look at this nice example from Kellogg’s to promote their iPhone app Krave Krusader (also available on Facebook and Android).

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